Jodhpur PoloA Grand Revival

Despite his many social, cultural and business commitments, His Highness The Maharaja Gaj Singh II has always taken a keen interest in equestrian sports and nurtured an ambition to re-establish Jodhpur as a premier center of equitation and polo. In pursuance of this goal in 1993 he re-launched the Jodhpur team, which has since made its mark on the Indian polo scene. The young heir apparent, the twenty five year old Yuvraj Shivraj Singh is himself a keen player of great promise and today leads the Jodhpur team. At present playing off a handicap of +2 he has played in England, Australia, South Africa, Egypt, Switzerland and Singapore, besides leading the Jodhpur team to France, Kenya and Brazil. In 1997/98 the team had a highly successful season on the domestic Indian circuit.

In March, 2000 the new grass polo ground in Jodhpur, created and maintained by the Maharaja Gaj Singh Sports Foundation hosted two Jodhpur teams, a team from Delhi, the Kashmir team and a team from Kenya. It was the first serious polo in Jodhpur in nearly half a century and it was a happy event. Jodhpur Polo 2001 was also a grand success with five teams in the fray.

Jodhpur can now once again boast of a first class grass polo ground that will doubtless produce the next generation of international Jodhpur players and play host to potential Indian, and the best in the country and world.