You don’t have to love cooking to cook, but you have to do more than love baking to bake. You have to bake out of love.

Jodhpur Polo decided to indulge its sweet tooth and so decided to visit  Namz Bake House, to meet founder & Creative Director Namita Zutshi -the latest baking sensation in the Delhi social circuit.

But that’s not how it was at the beginning,” says the elegant Namita, “ I was armed with a degree in Humanities from Delhi University and had a brief stint in sports management as well as in heading a preschool chain- it was only later that I  decided to indulge in my passion of baking.”

With a deep rooted knowledge of the art of baking, having studied pastry art, she decided to back up the baking aspect with the business. Namita researched elegant recipes which can tempt the most discerning connoisseur palate. While the Pandemic proved a challenge for many, Namita saw a surge in sales and orders during this period. Fuelled with a fervour unparalleled, she wanted to professionalise the online cake delivery system in Delhi NCR by introducing to the market, quality & affordable baking products.

We’re curious to know how she finds daily inspiration and she graciously walks us through her journey.

My love for baking traces its roots to my travels to Europe- I brought back my experiences there to my kitchen. With a little encouragement from my Family and friends, the hobby transformed into a beloved business venture.”

Creativity and passion fuel any baking enterprise. At the core of all processes is the respect and sanctity for the original creation and the twists or adaptations which I can add are there to highlight and showcase the purist versions.”

That aside, it’s amazing to observe her business acumen.

My aim is to coax my current client base into wider territory by focussing on product quality, hygiene and delivery, this includes serving my audience its share of lessons through YouTube and social media. I don’t lose sight of the fact that my husband has wholeheartedly supported Namz Bake and its my diligence that keeps its growing. We’re a formidable team!”

Jodhpur Polo wishes Namz Bake sweet success, use the following links to know more!

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