Places to relax in the evenings after sunset. With the majestic and historical Mehrangarh Fort, illuminated at the back drop, the ambience doesn’t get any more royal than this. Quiet and romantic with limited crowd , it’s the perfect place for a perfect royal evening.

The location is fabulous as you get to enjoy great food in the premises of the fort. It’s just a few kilo meters from the city shopping area and the approach road is mostly good except for a very small stretch. The hired jeeps drop you off at  the entrance of the restaurant which is 2 minute drive from entrance of the fort. Climbing up and down the steep slopes of the Mehrangarh Fort to get to the terrace restaurant is enough to pacify the hunger and thirst. Its open only in the evenings and the number of table are limited. 

The simple Marwari food is a delight to the taste buds, some of which are spicy and had been influenced by the traditional lifestyles of its inhabitants and the availability in the region. The staff hospitality is excellent as they full precautions in the present times and treat you with hospitality befitting a  ‘Royal’.

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