We have got two types of polo players- we have got a polo player who will have a serious injury and we will have a type of polo player who is going to have serious injuries, there is nowhere between.

Polo is an addiction, the kind of adrenaline rush that the players experience is unparalleled as man and beast team up in this fantastic game that has been a fascination for centuries. But the risks compound as well.

His Highness Maharaja GajSingh II Marwar paved the way forward for the Sport by founding the Indian Head Injury Foundation (IHIF) in February 2007. His vision was to provide a comprehensive system for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injury, and to provide neurorehabilitation to the victims of such unfortunate incidents.

The Foundation has partnered with the Road Transport and Highway Authority to generate the awareness and need for optimal care during the ‘golden hour’-that is just after the injury.  

For IHIF, the care of a person suffering from a head injury builds upon a Comprehensive Brain Trauma Care System. The Foundation circumscribes pre-hospital care, in-hospital care, and home rehabilitation. It also trains the first-time responders enabling them to offer help quickly. 

IHIF is an initiative for people who battle against trauma. It is an unwearied drive to aid the injured, a noble purpose to empower the family of victims. IHIF is a savior for millions injured who otherwise live to fulfill a dream.

The Yuvraj Shivraj Singh Trauma Rehabilitation Centre- Jodhpur, IHIF-DCWA Neuro Rehabilitation Centre – Delhi and OKA-IHIF Neuro Rehab Centre – Patna are the three rehabilitation centres managed by IHIF. Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals are empaneled with the Foundation, as well. Collaborating agencies include the Brain Trauma Foundation of USA, New York University School of Medicine and the Cerebral Palsy Group.

Read more about the Foundation http://indianheadinjuryfoundation.org/.

Photo Credit : http://indianheadinjuryfoundation.org

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