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A hint of blue skies, the bright Sun and respite from the severely polluted and hazy days heralded the opening of the Delhi Fall Polo Season. The Jaipur Polo Grounds welcomed back specatators who were earlier conspicuous by their absence due to the poor air quality in the Capital.

Some polo matches had to be cancelled as riders wanted to avoid playing on days when air quality was especially alarming. The Indian Polo Association ruled that no pony would play a full chukker owing to this factor. Players had to change ponies during half chukker, so as to make sure the ponies weren’t under any stress.

Thankfully, no mishap occurred and the crowds were treated to some brilliant polo showmanship!


14th October- 20th October 2019

Cavalry Gold Cup set the pace for the Fall Season with several competing teams. Indian Army’s ASC Col. Girdhari Singh Polo Team and Rajnigandha Achievers found themselves facing each other in the title clash for the Cup.

The Army side had enjoyed an impressive run in the Tournament, defeating several professional teams enroute to the Final.

“The Army Team getting into the Final at this level of competition is huge. We beat some very fancy teams to reach here. These teams have professional polo players and imported ponies competing for them,” member of the ASC team, Col. GS Pandher said after the Match.

Team Rajnigandha Achievers emerged victorious with a final score of 12 goals to  6.5 goals by the Army Team. 


22nd October – 27th October 2019

Following a week of overwhelming performances by various Teams, it was Team Rajnigandha Achievers and Team Jindal Panthers staving off in the Finals of Bhopal Pataudi Cup 2019.

The Team composition for Rajnigandha Achievers-  Allan Shaun Michael (-2) Kuldeep Singh (+2), Daniel Otamendi (+5), Sawai Padmanabh Singh (+3) and Jindal Panthers- Venkatesh Jindal (0) , Phil Seller (+2) Simran S Shergill (+6) Naveen Jindal (0).

The 8 -goal Tournament started with Mrs. Kalan doing the ceremonial ‘throw in’ and Simran Shergill controlling the ball as he collected the first goal of the Tournament in favor of Jindal Panthers. The second goal of the chukker also came from Simran’s mallet – in the last 30 seconds of the chukker.

Jindal Panthers was maintaining the lead at 2 goals to nil for Rajnigandha Achievers at the end of the  first chukker

The second chukker started with Daniel Otamendi scoring the first goal for the Team.  As the chukker progressed, Daniel was injured by Simran’s stick, which was converted into a 60-yard penalty for Team Rajnigandha Achievers, but could not be converted into a goal. The chukker ended with Jindal Panthers at 2 and Rajnigandha Achievers at 1.

The last chukker started with the Panthers in the lead but a 40-yard penalty shot that Daniel Otamendi converted into a goal placed both the teams on an equal footing. Otamendi took yet another 30-yard penalty and yet again converted it into a goal. Team Rajnigandha Achievers now maintained a lead of 3 goals to 2. Scoring a hattrick for himself, Otamendi scored another goal for the Team while placing them in a lead.

The last 3 mins and 14 seconds of the chukker saw great sportsmanship from father-son duo as Naveen Jindal passed the ball to Venkatesh Jindal who converted the pass into a goal.

The chukker drew to a close with Team Rajnigandha Achievers emerging as the winners of the Bhopal Pataudi Cup 2019. The final scores were- Jindal Panthers 3 Vs Rajnigandha Achievers 5.Scorers for Rajnigandha Achievers were – Daniel Otamendi (4), Kuldeep Singh (1). Scorers for Jindal Panther – Simran Shergill (2), Naveen Jindal (1)



22nd October – 1st November 2019

Field Marshal Cariappa Cup Polo Tournament fielded nine teams for the Cup. The matches were played along with high goal polo tournaments.

The final of the Tournament was played between Torpedo and Cow Boy in which Torpedo emerged winners beating Cow Boy by 7 goals to 4. Cdr Akhil Sirohi scored 4 goals, Maj RK Gautam, Capt Karamat Ali and Swr Yallappa Godi scored one goal each for Torpedo while Dfr Vijay Singh scored 3 goals and Rehat Singh Virk scored one goal for Cow Boy.


29th October – 3rd November 2019,

The Maharaja Hari Singh Memorial Cup was first played in November of 1995, after being introduced by Dr. Karan Singh on behalf of Hari-Tata Charitable Trust in the memory of his father, Late Maharaja Hari Singh.

The high goal and coveted Maharaja Hari Singh Memorial  Cup, witnessed four teams in the fray, Sahara Warriors, Aravali Polo, Sona Polo and Pony Wagon vying for the prestigious tittle of winners of the Cup. After an intense battle between the four teams the final was slated for a duel between Sahara Warriors and Sona Polo. Unfortunately, the Finals for the Cup had to be cancelled owing to bad Delhi weather and Sona Polo and Sahara Warriors were co-jointly deemed winners.


5th November – 10th November, 2019

The final of the Maharaja Sir Pratap Singh Cup was fought between Jindal Panther and Sona Polo.

JINDAL PANTHERS- Naveen Jindal, Daniel Otamendi, Salim Azmi, Simarn Shergill.

SONA POLO- Sunjay Kapoor, Abhimanyu Pathak, Sawai Padmanabh Singh, Gerado Mazzini.

The chukker started with excellent play by both the teams but wrapped up with neither of the teams unable to open their accounts on the score board.

Both the teams managed to score well in the second chukker with Daniel Otamendi and Simran Shergill scoring for Jindal Panthers and HH ‘Pacho’ Sawai Padmanabh Singh scoring for Sona Polo. The second chukker ended with the score board reading  Jindal Panther 3 Vs Sona Polo 1.

The third chukker started with both the teams equalizing the scoreboard as Gerado Mazzini and Pacho scored for Sona Polo and Naveen Jindal scored a singe for Jindal Panthers, the score in the third chukker was Jindal Panthers 4 vs Sona Polo 4.

As the game rolled into the fourth chukker Abhimanyu Pathak picked up the ball, but soon lost it to Simran Shergill as he hit a back-hand shot to Salim keeping the ball within the Team. After an intense series of shots and misses, Mazzini scored for Sona Polo taking the team to a lead.

Sona Polo received a 60-yard penalty, that Mazzini converted into a goal, taking Team Sona Polo to a lead of 6 goals as opposed to 5 goals by Jindal Panther.

The fifth chukker of the final of the Maharaja Sir Pratap Singh Cup started with a  penalty shot in favor of Sona Polo after Otamendi overrode Pacho. Mazzini at this point took a 40-yard penalty shot and bagged the seventh goal for Sona Polo. Jindal Panther was awarded with a 40-yard penalty shot, which was converted into a goal by Otamendi, adding the sixth goal for Jindal Panther.

As the chukker set in play after half time Sona Polo awarded a 60-yard penalty. Mazzini sets on strike and grabs the eighth goal for Sona Polo. In the next eight seconds, Mazzini took the ball soon after the throw in and bracketed yet another goal for Sona Polo. Within a few minutes Jindal Panther were given a 40 -yard penalty shot that Otamendi converted into the seventh goal for the Team. The chukker ended for a final break with Sona Polo in the lead. Scores for the 5th chukker- Jindal Panther- 7 vs Sona Polo- 9.

After the 3 min break, teams got ready for the  final chukker. The scoreboard quickly turned to 10 goals to 7 after Abhimanyu Pathak scored a  single for the Team with Mazzini contributing another single to the total tally. The chukker saw a little more moves but ended in favour of Sona Polo, the scores at the end of the sixth chukker were Jindal Panther- 7 vs Sona Polo- 11.


20th November – 24th November 2019

IPA National Polo Championship (Open) is one of most prominent fixtures in the Indian Polo Calendar. Finals of the 119th Championship was played at the Jaipur Polo Ground between Teams Sahara Warriors and Jindal Panthers.

Chris Mackenzie scored the opening goal for Sahara Warriors and Satinder Garcha added one more goal in the 1st chukker. In the 2nd chukker, Chris Mackenzie and Satinder Garcha again scored one goal each for Sahara Warriors whereas Simran Shergill playing for Jindal Panthers inaugurated the score board for team as he scored a single in the 2nd chukker.

In the 3rd chukker Dhruvpal Godara converted two 40-yard penalties and Daniel Otamendi added one more goal for Jindal Panther while Sahara Warriors could not score any goal in this chukker. In the 4th chukker Chris Mackenzie scored one more goal for Sahara Warriors while Dhruvpal Godara converted a 30-yard penalty for Jindal Panthers.

 In the 5th chukker Chris Mackenzie again scored a goal for Sahara Warriors while Akshai Malik scored one goal for Jindal Panther. The score was 6-all at the end of 5th chukker. The last chukker was fast paced as Chris Mackenzie scored 2 goals to increase the lead of Sahara Warriors while Dhruvpal Godara converted a 30-yard penalty for Jindal Panther to narrow the margin but Chris Mackenzie scored one more goal to maintain the lead. During the  last few minutes,Dhruvpal Godara scored a goal to reduce the margin.

The final scoreboard settled at Sahara Warriors- 9 goals to 8 goals by Jindal Panthers.

Sahara Warriors, the reigning National Champions won the IPA National Open Championship 2019 for the second consecutive year defeating Jindal Panthers, known to be among the strongest opponents in India. The Team, donning jerseys in colours from the popular Sahara India Pariwar logo, put their best foot forward and nailed the Game ensuring the Team’s flag continues to fly high.  


26th November- 1st December 2019

Rajnigandha Achievers emerged winners of IPG Col Girdhari Singh Memorial Cup (8 Goal) Polo Tournament beating Adie Broswon by 3 goals to nil in the finals played at the Jaipur Polo Ground.

The match was a hard fight but turned-out to be a one-sided affair. Daniel Otamendi opened the account for Rajnigandha Achievers and Kuldeep Singh Rathore added one goal in the 1st chukker and another goal in the 2nd chukker; on the other hand, Adie Broswon who got a lot of chances, just could not connect to a  goal.

Kuldeep Singh Rathore was adjudged the Most Valuable Player and  Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh’s mare Carbonara was adjudged the Best Polo Pony. Lt .Gen. MH Thakur, VSM, ADC Director General of Supplies and Transport, gave away the prizes and trophy.

Crown Vet Baroda Cup (10 Goals)

8th December 2019

Sunday afternoon on 8th Dec 2019 witnessed the finals of Crown Vet Baroda Cup 2019. The final had Teams Rajnigandha Achievers vs APRC in the line-up.

APRC played with

Naveen Singh+2
Gaurav Sahgal+3
Cdr Akhil Sirohi+2
Angad Kalan+3


Sep. Ravinder Mang-2
Kuldeep Singh Rathore+2
Basheer Ali+5
Daniel Otamendi+5

The first chukker set the tempo of the finals of the Baroda Cup, as the first goal in favour of Rajnigandha Achievers by Basheer Ali, maintained the Team in the lead throughout the match. Basheer Ali scored two more goals for the Team in the first chukker placing them in a 3-goal lead against a nil by APRC.

The second chukker started with a lofted shot by Angad Kalan as he grabbed the first goal for APRC. Another 30-yard penalty shot that Angad Kalan converted into the second goal for APRC. A 30-yard penalty shot awarded to Rajnigandha Achievers that Daniel Otamendi converted into a goal taking the team Rajnigandha Achievers to a 2-goal lead at the end of the second chukker.

The third chukker began with Gaurav Sahgal grabbing the third goal for APRC, as the umpires called for a 30-yard penalty in favour of Rajnigandha Achievers that was taken by Daniel Otamendi in favour of his Team,. In a 30-yard penalty shot once again, Daniel Otamendi grabed yet another goal for his Team. The fourth and final chukker started off with Basheer Ali taking the seventh goal. This was followed by Naveen Singh taking the penalty shot in favour of APRC. Moving ahead in the Game, Ravinder Mang grabbed the eighth goal for their team. The match wrapped with Cdr Akhil Sirohi grabbing the fifth goal for team APRC.

The winners of the Baroda Cup 2019 were Rajnigandha Achievers with 8 goals to 5 goals by APRC.

Basheer Ali adjudged the Most Valuable Player and of Gaurav Sahgal’s mare Queen was adjudged the Best Polo Pony. Princess Asharaje Gaekwad gave away the prizes and Trophy.


13th November – 17th November 2019

One of the ‘grand-slams’ of Indian Polo, the Indian Masters Polo Championship, played over three days with four magnificent teams (Sona Polo, Cavalry-Krishna Polo, Rajnigandha Achievers and Jindal Panthers) witnessed Teams Sona Polo and Rajnigandha Achievers going against each other in  the finals.

Sona Polo fielded – Sanjay Kapur, Sawai Padmanabh Singh, Abhimanyu Pathak and Gerardo Mazzini, while Dhananjay Singh, Satinder Garcha, Siddhant Sharma and Chris Mackenzie comprised Rajnigandha Achievers.

The Match started with Gerardo Mazzini striking the first goal for the Team and following it up again with a second goal as he converted a 40-yard penalty. The first chukker ended with Chris Mackenzie scoring two more goals and firmly placing his Team in the lead with 4 goals to nil by Rajnigandha Achievers.

The second chukker seemed more favourable for Team Rajnigandha Achievers as Satinder Garcha and Chris Mackenzie equalized the scoreboard for their Team. Though the status quo remained briefly as Abhimanyu Pathak struck a beautiful goal before the chukker ended maintaining the lead for the Team.

The third chukker witnessed the determination of Team Rajnigandha Achievers to come out of the shadows of Team Sona Polo as Chris Mackenzie scored two back to back goals for his Team placing it in the lead. Though opponent Abhimanyu Pathak scored a single, yet this could not equalize the score board. At the end of the third chukker, Sona Polo displayed 6 goals whereas Rajnigandha Achievers lead with 7 goals.

The fourth chukker witnessed a single goal by Gerardo Mazzini equalizing the score board for his Team. Both the teams were stationed at 7 goals each.

The fifth chukker was one of the most intense chukkers of the Match as both the teams fought hard to maintain the lead enthralling the viewers with some great shots and par excellence play ending the chukker in favour of Team Rajnigandha Achievers as Chris Mackenzie scored a last minute goal for the team taking the tally to 10 goals as Sona Polo stayed stationery with 9 goals.

The final chukker, was all about the penalty shots converted by Gerardo Mazzini as he scored 3 magnificent shots for the Team skyrocketing the score board to 12 goals as Rajnigandha Achievers settled with 11 goals.

In an apt final of Indian Masters 2019, Sona Polo won the coveted Cup with a thumping victory.


 06th December 2019

The Sudan Cup is played between the British Army and the Indian Army alternately in India and UK. The Sudan Polo Challenge Cup was instituted in 1922.  After Independence, this Cup could not be played until it was revived in 1971 when the Indian Army polo team visited England and has since been regularly contested till 1998.  After a lapse of 21 years the Sudan Polo Cup was revived and played in the Capital at Jaipur Polo Ground between the visiting British Army Polo team and the host Indian Army Polo team.

The details of the Teams :


Lt Henry William Harvell Amor+2
Capt Patrick Guy Aylwon Selfe+2
Capt John Douglas Sleeman+2
Mr Gaston Devrient+3


Lt Col Vishal Chauhan+4
Sep Ravinder Mang-1
Capt Raghav Raj Singh+1
Col Ravi Rathore, VSM+5

The British High Commissioner’s Polo Day 2019 began with The Sudan Cup with  both teams battling it out from the start!

The action went rolling but neither teams scored till half chukker. Soon after the teams returned after changing the ponies, Col Ravi Rathore from Indian Army bagged the first goal of the Match in favour of the Indian Army. Capt John Douglas Sleeman, shot a back hander, striking the ball right into the goal, equalizing at 1 each.

The second chukker remained goalless till the first half and for most of the second half too, however this changed in the last one minute as, Col Ravi Rathore bracketed the second goal for the Indian Army.

Right on the heels of the second goal,  the Umpire called for a 40- yard penalty in favour of Hackett British Army. Taking the opportunity was Gaston Devrient, who captured the second goal for his Team. Breaking the equalizer was Lt Col Vishal Chauhan as he scored the third goal for Indian Army.  At this, the chukker ended with Hackett British Army 2 Vs Indian Army 3.

After an interval of 15 minutes, both teams came back into play where once again the Indian Army maintained their lead and grabbed the fourth goal with Capt Raghav Raj Singh on strike. This was again followed by Capt Raghav Raj Singh bagging yet another goal. With this, the scores rested at 5 goals to 2 in favour of Indian Army. The last chukker of the match witnessed a single goal in the last 50 seconds by Gaston Devrient.

The final scores for the Teams were Hackett British Army 3 Vs Indian Army 5

Prizes were given away by Gen MM Naravane, PVSM, AVSM, SM,VSM,ADC, Chief of the Army Staff.

Spring Season in the Capital will soon beckon and the City shall once again herald and host a brilliant season of Polo!



2nd February 2020

The Annual Sanawar Polo match was revived after a gap of 5 years christened as  RIANJAL SANAWAR POLO CUP. Organised with aplomb by The Old Sanawarian Society (OSS), the match was held with tremendous energy and enthusiasm. The coveted Cup was brought to fruition under the able guidance of the President of OSS, Major General Kulpreet Singh (Retd), and through sponsorship by Rianjal Moonshine Pvt Ltd and hosted by the Directors of Rianjal Moonshine Pvt. Ltd.

The match started with a two minutes silence to mark the passing away of veteran OS polo players Brigadier V P Singh, Col Raj Kalaan (VBD’ 55) and Major Harjinder Singh.

The excitement in the packed amphitheatre was palpable as the two Teams Barnes and Peace Stead gathered to commence the match.

Adding to the excitement was the fact that the two teams had a total of eight polo players out of which five were Old Sanawarians, all former world cup players.

 Team Barnes consisted of Col Harsh Preenja (NBD ’90) Buchi Prakash, Adhiraj Singh and Col Navjit Singh Sandhu ( NBD ’91)

 Team Peace Stead comprised of Col Vikramjit Singh Kahlon (HBD ’93) Sunjay J Kapur,  Jai Inder Singh Shergill (SBD’85) ,  Uday Kalaan (VBD’91)

 The match started with Peace Stead gaining an early lead with a beautiful goal shot by Sunjay J Kapur in the first chukker itself.  Team Barnes remained goalless. In the 2nd chukker, the audience saw a splendid back hand shot by Jai Inder Singh Shergill which was picked up again by Sunjay J Kapur and he lost no time in scoring the 2nd goal, thereby giving Peace Stead a 2- 0 lead by the middle of the 2nd chukker.

 That’s when Col Navjit Singh Sandhu, a plus 3 handicap player displayed presence of mind by converting one goal  from a ball which was passed to him from his team mates and subsequently again scoring the 2nd goal at the end of chucker number two, leveling the score at two all.

The third chucker was evenly contested between Barnes and Peace Stead with Col Navjit Singh Sandhu making a clean break from the throw in and carrying the ball almost till the 30 yard mark from where Col Harsh Preenja following the line, picked up the ball and stealthily scored the third goal. Thereby giving the Barnes team a 3- 2 lead in the third chucker itself. The final score line at the end of the match was 4-2 in favour of Barnes.

 At the end of the match the viewers saw a fantastic Skill Riding display by the 61st Cavalry .The Army band in attendance put up a spectacular show and the event ended with magnificent splendour.

Veteran OS polo players, Col Billy Sodhi, Col Pickles Sodhi and Col Rupi Brar who were present on the occasion were honoured by the OSS President.


4th February – 9th February 2020

Rajnigandha Achievers and Jindal Panthers were pitted against each other in the Finals of RMRM Gold Vase Cup

Jindal Panther

Naveen Jindal0
Akshai Malik0
Phil Seller+2
Simran Singh Shergill+6

Rajnigandha Achievers

Aryaman Dahiya-2
Kuldeep Singh Rathore+2
Daniel Otamendi+5
Sawai Padmanabh Singh+3

The match was fast paced affair till the 3rd chukker, and turned into a one sided match after the 3rd chukker.

With Rajnigandha Achievers maintaining a lead, it was an uphill task for Jindal Panther to come back to the game. Simran Singh Shergill, in a lofted shot, grabbed the second goal for his team. However, two back to back foul moves from Jindal Panther, gave Rajnigandha Achievers the opportunity to grab a brace with 30 yard penalty where Daniel Otamendi scored for the Team.

Chukker 3- Jindal Panther 2 Vs Rajnigandha Achievers 5

The last and the final chukker was a tough one for Jindal Panther and another 30 yard penalty shot that Daniel Otamendi converted into the sixth and the final goal for Rajnigandha Achievers.   The finals of the RMRM Gold Vase wrapped up, with Rajnigandha Achievers lifting the trophy at 6 goals to 3.

Mare Pirrata ridden by Simran Singh Shergill was adjudged the best pony and HH Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh of Jaipur was adjudged the most valuable player.


10th February – 16th February 2020

The Finals of the Sawai Man Singh Gold Vase went into play with Golden Globe Hotels and Aravali Polo against each other.

Golden Globe Hotels-  Anirudh Mawaji 0, Kuldeep Singh Rathore 2, Daniel Otamendi 5, Sawai Padmanabh Singh 3.

Aravali Polo -Raghav Rao 1, Angad Kalaan 3, Manuel F Llorente 6, Karan Thapar 0.

The match started with Maharani of Jammu and Kashmir throwing the ball in, in and Angad Kalan playing for Aravali Polo seizing a 30-yard penalty and converting it into a first goal for the team. Golden Globe remained goaless.

Chukker 1 Golden Globe Hotels 0 Vs Aravali Polo 1

Angad Kalan scored again for the Team opening the second chukker. The match moved ahead with Manolo bracketing a second goal. Taking a long run and dominating Golden Globe Hotels, Manuel F Llorente grabbed the fourth goal for the team.

Chukker 2 Golden Globe Hotels 0 Vs Aravali Polo 4

After the half time, pressure was mounting on team Golden Globe Hotels and, Daniel Otamendi finally scored the first goal for the team and soon topped it with a second goal..

Chukker 3 Golden Globe Hotels 2 Vs Aravali Polo 4

The last chukker saw Daniel Otamendi playing for Golden Globe Hotels scoring a third goal for the team raising the hopes for a win for the team. But, a fifth goal by Manuel F Llorente for Aravali sealed the win and the 50th edition of the trophy was taken home by Aravali Polo.

Chukker 4 Golden Globe Hotels 3 Vs Aravali Polo 5


17th February – 23rd February 2020

The final match of the SUJAN Northern India Open Polo Championship 2020 was held on February 23, 2020, at the Jaipur Polo Ground, New Delhi.

The Championship was sponsored by SUJAN, ANAND and Gabriel India. It is one of India’s most historic and premier tournaments, instituted way back in 1922, to commemorate the visit of the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII) to India.

The extravagant event was witnessed by an enthusiastic crowd of more than 1500 people in attendance. The audience included dignitaries from royalty, business fraternity,  army, diplomats and celebrities, along with employees and the families of sponsor companies.

Keeping the spirit of the Finals, teams from Garcha Hotels and Golden Globe Hotels put on a spectacular show.. It was an enthralling and closely contested final, but ultimately the spectacular game play of Golden Globe Hotels helped lifting the trophy for the Team with the score of 12 goals to 11.

Jaisal Singh, Chief Executive, SUJAN felicitated Maharaja Sawai Padmanabh Singh of Jaipur, representing Golden Globe Hotels and Satinder Garcha, representing Garcha Hotels as the ‘Most Valuable Players’ of the Championship.

Anjali Singh, Executive Chairperson, ANAND and Gabriel India gave away the prize for the ‘Best Playing Pony’ of the Championship to the pony ridden by Manuel F. Llorente of Garcha Hotels.


It was the finals of the Rao Raja Hanut Singh Memorial Cup and 61 Cavalry and Navy came in as the finalist. With an advantage of 5.5 goals Navy started off, but 61 Cavalry easily moved ahead and lifted the trophy in pride with 10 goals to 8.5


24th February – 1st March 2020

The last leg of the Delhi polo season opened to a packed stand for the Maharaja Jiwaji Rao Scindia Gold Cup. The match was being hosted by Yashodhara Raje Scindia and the Finals was played between Cavalry ASC and Garcha Hotels.

The coveted cup was won by Garcha Hotels with 7 goals to a 3 ½ goals by Team Cavalry.

As the Maharaja Jiwaji Rao Scindia Gold Cup wrapped up its Finals, the coronavirus pandemic sent shockwaves around the world, leading to a public health emergency.  COVID-19  upended the sporting calendar, with professional polo leagues everywhere suspending their activities to limit the spread of the virus and the Polo ecosystem in the country responded by curtailing all matches till further notice. In this unprecedented time, it was of utmost importance that the polo ponies and players remained safe and therefore the stables also curtailed the exposure to the ponies by limiting the number of people coming in contact with the stables. The season closed with a hope of coming back to safer events.

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