The new issue of Jodhpur Polo is here, making its debut as a digital only magazine for this edition. We have, indeed, moved with the times. This year has been one that taught us to appreciate what we take most for granted- family and health, our freedoms to roam and entertain- all were challenged by the Pandemic. However, I hope that when history looks back at it shall be said that we persevered with responsibility – to serve , to teach and to learn.

It is great to see how the world of Polo has evolved today, we in India have the IPA to thank for its pragmatic approach to continuing with this grand sport of Kings in an era of egalitarianism, whilst facing daunting odds & competition from more popular & better endowed sports.

This Edition, as always brings to us insightful reportage from around the World of Polo; it also includes a moving account of the life of Col. Umaid Singh Rathore has continued to dedicate his life to this Sport for over three decades – the backbone of JPEI !

Readers will also be reacquainted with the work of the Indian Head Injury Foundation which I founded in the wake of a lack of information, knowledge & timely medical assistance in India for those unfortunately afflicted by severe head & spine injury & their rehabilitation. 

I wish JPEI the very best as it gears up to the evolving polo scene and looks ahead with the times to sustain & invigorate the sport with fresh, young, new blood. 

My best wishes to the Readers and Polo Enthusiasts all over the World.




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